Snacks for Writers

There are so many distractions for a writer. Some I manage to ignore better than others: housework, Facebook and regular exercise. And then there are some that I just can’t ignore: Twitter, the ping of a new email arriving and being hungry. My mind may be full, but if my stomach is empty then the blank page in front of me will stay empty. However, today I bring you news of the Graze craze – gorgeous, little healthy snack boxes that remove the need for trips to the kitchen which will help keep you chained to your writing desk for longer! Here is a picture of my Graze box when it arrived with the post on Friday:

It's better than a letter!

Yummy! I’m afraid the itty bitty oat cakes and onion marmalade were the first to go… followed closely by the Jaffa Cake box containing roasted hazelnuts, orange infused sultanas and dark chocolate buttons. *drools* Sorry. *wipes it up*

Graze will send you a snack box every week containing natural, tasty treats for you to try! When you sign up at their website you can also let them know which of their 100 snacks you love, like or loathe to make sure you get what you enjoy the most. If you, like me, are supposed to be on a diet or healthy eating plan, you could choose the LightBox or BoostBox, without the naughtier treats and chocolate – but where’s the fun in that?

WARNING: the picture above is of my Graze EatWell box just after it arrived. The picture below was taken ten minutes later…

I haven’t got the hang of grazing yet, but I will keep practising.

Did I make you hungry? Sorry – here have a free Graze box. Just use this code 1DYQJRKD here.

Next time on the blog: Gadgets for Writers – How to Stay at your Desk for Longer with the She-Wee… or maybe not.